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I’m Back…

A week away at my parents to clear the cobwebs and make room in my over busy head for lots of new stuff.💪🏻

That said.

Today I disappointed myself. Today my courage didn’t serve me. I’m not actually brave enough right now to share more of this tale but I will. In time.

What am I most proud of though?

The feelings attached to my lack of courage didn’t stay. They haven’t hung around for long because I had a little dig into the toolbox I carry about now and worked through it.

I’d rather it didn’t happen. BUT. It does. It will. I’m still me. Just better equipped to cope I think.

So. When I got through the dip.

I rose up.

Then. I got back on the horse AGAIN. Jeez, I’ve had a few falls from this bloody thing.😜

I spent the morning with like minded business women refreshing skills on how to network. Always learning. Never ever done.

Networking is great when we go into it in the right way. When we see the relationships we can take time to build and nurture.

Someone asked me today. Where do you get your business from?

Honestly. For me personally, it’s not really social media. Well, not on its own. Historically, it’s through the networking I do. Through building relationships. Building trust. Building credibility. Having the solution available when the person most needs it. When their time is right.

So. Today finished well. In fact. It started well. It just had a little pot hole on my journey in. I saw it. I steered around it. No damage was done. I know for next time that it’s there.💪🏻

Love and light for your pot holes.🙏🏻


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