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——— Meet Leigh

Hi, I’m Leigh

My love of teaching started early.

At 13 years old, I started teaching adults and children to horse ride alongside group and 1:1 mentoring in horse care. It wasn’t long into my non ‘4 legged’ career that I had my first ‘aha’ moment and realised that I had a special talent for problem solving and helping people achieve more.

Part of my secret sauce has always been my curiosity, intuition and hunger to inspire. I have a straight talking and very honest approach (I am a bit tough love) and have never shied away from a difficult conversation; honesty is one of my core values that is integral to the work I do.

I am a people person first and foremost and I aim to help you achieve results by taking people with you. I am commercially savvy and care about the result but not if it compromises your happiness or that of your team. When you work with me, I will sense check that your work is aligned to your values, leverages your strengths and truly brings you joy.

In practicing what I preach, I am blessed to love my work but my business is designed in a way that allows me time to do the things I love outside of it. I am ambitious, driven and high energy but I recharge by slowing down. I am a massive lover of the outdoors and a true country bumpkin. When I am not working, you’ll most likely find me spinning the plates of parenting, knee deep in mud with my crazy cocker spaniel, hanging out with my two young boys (plus a vast number of footballs) and my husband or sharing a glass of wine with good friends.

I am all for the simple life.

What’s my story?

In 2012, 5 months pregnant with the younger of my boys, my business journey started. Running a business definitely wasn’t the easy option. I had oodles of passion and some skills to share but the theory of running a business was different from it in practice.  I had zero direction or strategy and realised I couldn’t build a business flying by the seat of my pants. It wasn’t long before the cracks started to show. I had a lot to learn if I was going to make my business work for me.

The journey has had its highs and its lows. With the biggest personal low being in 2017, when I was diagnosed and underwent treatment for breast cancer. Despite the challenges of this, I’ve realised an inner strength and resilience that got me to the other side which I count my blessings for every day and continues to play an important role in how I run my business.

Despite this trauma, one of the highs was becoming a best-selling co-author with 23 other women in business with our book, She Who Dares in 2018.  Each year I am on this planet, I am determined to do something that makes a difference and makes me proud.

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Perspective is the gift that my journey with cancer has given me. I have learnt the most important lesson of all; Life is short, I should live it to its full. Equally, that without my health, I don’t have anything to offer. Nowadays, my health and wellbeing are a priority, as is a business model that serves my clients but is designed to allow me time with those I care about the most, doing more of what makes my HEART sing. A value I encourage in my clients and our work together.

I have worked with leaders my entire career.
I am a former Head of HR who turned her strength and passion into a business.
My previous 9-5 was with leading hospitality and retail brands, including a Fortune 500 company. The latter part heading up HR for KFC and Pizza Hut Delivery. In all roles, I strategically partnered with key decision makers to improve performance.
I am super curious about people

I am a Strengthscope® Master Practitioner and 2 of my significant strengths are developing people and building relationships. I am also a massive empath, have high levels of emotional intelligence and am an eternal optimist. This, alongside my experience in HR and running my own business has seen me developing some valuable skills.

Managing conflict, influencing, leading change, driving strategy, communication, empathy, tenacity, engagement, resilience.
What is it like working with me?

We have an important and serious job to do together. But I want us to have fun too. I am honest, down to earth, professional, agile, with a heap of humour and a bulging toolkit to share.

I want you to walk away from our sessions energised, with increased insight, knowledge, self-awareness, accountability and momentum to move further forward to your goals. I provide a safe and insightful space to strip back the mask of control. Allowing you room to breathe, grow and develop your leadership skills, to design a business/career on your terms and if you have one, become a better coach to your own team.

I will help you disrupt those normal patterns of thought to gain greater INSIGHT; get INSPIRED to find innovative solutions to challenges and in turn IMPROVE. Enabling you to move forward and get practical, measurable results.

In essence, my mission is to help you bring your best self to work by becoming a more effective leader of your business and/or team in a way that works for you and gets you a better result.

I look forward to the opportunity to prove my worth and value.

To your success.
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