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——— Meet Leigh

Hi, I’m Leigh

Qualified Executive Coach specialising in leadership & business coaching, consulting & mentoring to service-based owner-managed businesses (like you).

I’ve lost count of how many leaders I’ve cultivated, recruited, developed & supported to realise their TRUE potential over the last 25+ years (including partnering to board level, within a Fortune500).

I believe that done right, you have the greatest opportunity in your hands to become part of the next generation of CEOs. Leading a lean, dynamic business on YOUR terms…where you want & how you want.

Maybe you feel you’re only a CEO when you’ve got offices; a massive team; shareholders. It’s just not true.

More than ever, you can build YOUR business, YOUR way.

It’s a choice you get to make.

And time is your greatest commodity. Yet I see so many business owners who’ve left the corporate world for more freedom & choice, working round the clock. What’s the point?

This is about getting time back without sacrificing growth, income & whatever ‘success’ looks like to you.

——— What's my story?

I was a typical high-performer, always the last one to leave the office in my corporate career & obsessed with my work. Until – like for so many of us – I became a parent.

And my priorities changed.

I get what it’s like when you’re in that career, you love it & you love being a parent. But you feel so, so torn.

My ‘enough is enough’ moment came when I realised I wasn’t going to be able to perform at the level I’d done previously AND be the parent I wanted to be.

Despite knowing that, I was still a passenger in the journey…rather than taking control & being the driver. I ended up taking redundancy setting up a business. And then just winged it!

Despite all my corporate experience, it was like someone had taken all my transferable skills out of my brain.

I had NO idea how to lead a business. Who does, when you’ve never done it before?!

I’d been going 3 years when my youngest son got pneumonia. I was at the bedside of my poorly little boy, when I took a call from a client I was headhunting for. Because I needed the money.

It hit me…what was I doing?

I left my career because I wanted choices; freedom; more time. And yet I had none of it. Just desperation & panic to make ends meet.

And then I got breast cancer.

It drew a MASSIVE line that I couldn’t go on like this.

Roll on a few years & life couldn’t be more different!

I had a goal when I left my job to replace my corporate salary. For years, it felt out of reach. And now the goals just get bigger & bigger & bigger – now, with the targets I’m setting, I’d have needed to be the MD in my last job to create that level of revenue.

I LOVE what I do. I have a business model that supports me to work when I want, with clients that light my heart. I have an incredibly supportive team, taking on the tasks I don’t enjoy.  

I’m creating a ripple of change – I can see it spreading, as my clients create the same freedom, choices & income in their own businesses.

What I do know to be true is that every single milestone of ‘enough is enough’ has been such a catalyst, to get here.

So if you’re there right now too, where something’s GOT to change – or if want to speed your journey up – I’d love for my mistakes to be your learnings.

And to be your partner on the journey to whatever ‘success’ looks like for YOU!

To your version of success.

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