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Transform how you think, feel and lead your business.

Get set up for success YOUR way.

For the ambitious owner-manager who wants in place solid foundations for growth, success (and more happiness!). Whether you are just beginning the journey or are stuck and have lost the joy, this is a great kickstart.

Foundations to lead from’ is the missing piece of the jigsaw. It will help you set up your business in a way that works for you and empowers the leader in you to emerge. It guides you through important questions that challenge your thinking and provoke change where it is needed. You will be shifted boldly into the captain’s chair to get the foundations in place so your business is set up for success YOUR way.

Whilst it predominately focuses on the foundations of your business, it also unapologetically tackles the CEO elephant in the room and the niggling leader stereotypes that may be holding you back from achieving your true potential.

By shining a bright, honest light on your current reality and giving you permission, inspiration, and golden nuggets of knowledge to develop as the leader your business needs you to be, ‘Foundations to lead from’ opens your mind to change and enables you to set (or reset) your business for success, with your happiness at its core. 

Are you ready for different?


“Leigh encourages you to look at the one place you have power to create change from every time: yourself."

- Sam Lee
Temper Restaurants Ltd.

Meet The Author

Leigh Howes is an Executive Coach with over 20 years’ experience in observing, partnering, and advising high performing business leaders and founders. Over this time, she has recruited and cultivated hundreds of leadership roles and worked to board level within a Fortune500 company.

Passionate about holding a safe and honest space for business owners as they develop as leaders, Leigh advocates a ‘me-first’ approach, encouraging a more balanced outlook to life. It means there’s more of a focus on higher levels of performance without working around the clock.

At the same time, her mission is to redefine the role of the CEO in owner managed businesses. She believes that modern leadership provides an incredible opportunity to work smarter, with greater consciousness and alignment to what matters most. She wants leaders to achieve more of their potential; building and structuring their businesses in a way that brings more joy, time, and money, empowering them to impact and change the lives of others along the way.

Leigh has a gift of being able to read people’s behaviour and see what is holding them back. It’s this, coupled with her supportive nature and honest feedback, that has led to so many ambitious business leaders wanting to have Leigh in their corner to support their next stage of growth. Described as ‘an invisible business crutch’, Leigh holds a much-needed safe space for high performing leaders; challenging their thinking and holding them accountable, so they take the right action to elevate and grow their businesses and team in the most effective and aligned way possible.