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——— Testimonials

Throughout the 18 months that I worked with Leigh Howes I found her nothing but professional, approachable and always on hand with real world advice. Working in the restaurant industry in central London and at the time in the midst of opening three establishments I was constantly coming up against new and challenging situations in the workplace. Through monthly meetings with Leigh I gained a real insight into how to manage people and also my own time both in and out of work. Every session felt unique and tailored to me and was always followed up with realistic goals for the month ahead. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
Jonny Warner
Operations Manager | Temper Restaurant

Lisa Kyriacou-Faulks

I have had the good fortune to be on two of Leigh’s masterminds over two consecutive years. For anyone wondering whether a mastermind is for you I’d say absolutely yes and especially when it’s run by Leigh.

Since joining Leigh my business has gone from strength to strength, I’ve defined my niche and become more focused. As a consequence my business has grown each year and this year I have had the best year yet.

Leigh is very knowledgable and well connected so if she doesn’t know the answer to something she’ll certainly know someone who does. Leigh works hard to create a safe, supportive and encouraging space in her groups and she’s really good at knowing which personalities will work best together. I can honestly say that I’ve not only gained an invaluable network of work colleagues but I’ve gained new friends too. The only downside to the mastermind? The fact that it has to end.”

Lisa Kyriacou-Faulks
Social Media Expert

Sally Beckford

Being a part of Leigh’s mastermind was the greatest investment I made in myself and my business. Leigh’s mastermind groups are small and filled with business leaders who have so many great talents and a shared purpose to support others whilst growing and developing their business.

Over the last year I have learnt so much about myself and my business and through the support, accountability, and connections of the mastermind group I have recently launched my second business, a business that feels me with joy. I’ve expanded my team and now have a business that works for me as well as my clients. Being a business owner can be lonely as we wear so many hats, constantly make decisions and having to then be our own cheer leader and the person who holds ourselves to account.

Being a part of the mastermind has been like having a senior team; a team that not only celebrates success but lifts me up when things don’t go as planned, or helps kick my butt when I just need to get something done. I’ve loved being a part of the mastermind and am so pleased I had the courage to make the investment.

Sally Beckford
Solutions HR

I can whole-heartedly recommend Leigh as someone who is diligent, extremely capable and insightful. Leigh has a broad range of experience encompassing both Operations and HR which I find to be invaluable when working with clients. She has a straight forward approach, and people easily engage with her. I trust her 100% to deliver and have never hesitated to utilise her skills and experience on a variety of assignments.

Alison Warner
Business Coach | Evolve & Grow

Leigh has been a fantastic addition to our business. Helping the senior team gain the edge in today’s market, encouraging them to look in the one place where you have the power to create change every time – at themselves. She is a fabulous motivational influence for our aspiring leaders and has helped them achieve significant
improvements in personal impact and effectiveness across all aspects of the business.

Sam Lee
Managing Director | Temper Restaurant

Leigh has been a fantastic source of support to me throughout the years. She is passionate about seeing people live their lives to the full and reach their full potential, and when things get a little tough she is aways there as a support. If you are a “glass half empty” type of person then having someone with Leigh’s enthusiasm and passion in your corner is a real plus!I would recommend Leigh to anyone who is thinking of setting up a business on their own, or just struggles with having a clear vision of where they want to get to and what they want to achieve in their life
Simon Parsons
Director of Recruitment Hospitality | SPE Resourcing

Anna Watson

When I joined Leigh’s mastermind I was at a starting point in my business with a head full of ideas and a heart full of self doubt and lack of belief – I knew what I didn’t want to do, I also knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t believe that I could do it – don’t worry this gets better!

Through joining the mastermind and talking through all my ideas and at times my excuses, I have gained so much clarity on not only what I want to do but the purpose behind it, I have grown so much in confidence, not only for my business but personally too – I have successfully launched my first offer that I am loving doing and although I am not earning what I want to be earning, I am consistently earning more each month and I can see this continuing to grow.

I feel like I now have a solid offering that stops me being distracted by “oh I could do that” or “I’ll just do that”, a solid sales strategy and plan for growth – and yes my head is still full of ideas but they are about how to expand my offering, grow a team, help my business network – so it’s not what do I do but where do I grow.

There are so many reasons why I feel like this Mastermind has worked so well for me – from Leigh’s amazing knowledge, expertise and her ability to see through your excuses and dig deep to get to where you need to be through to being part of a team where we can all share our knowledge and experience (this really helped with my confidence) plus you grow relationships and friendships through the process that become your tribe – and when you are solo in business having this tribe is so important!

I have gained so much from this experience – and no matter what stage of you’re business you are at it is always great to have time to stop, breathe, reflect and plan and take the opportunity to get your head out of your computer and work on your business rather than in it.
I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Leigh and will be forever thankful that I signed up.

Anna Watson

Leigh supported me at short notice to facilitate a 1 day session to help us work through some OD challenges to some tangible solutions. She was adaptable, approachable, organised and kept us on track. Her facilitation skills were excellent. She guided us through our agenda and helped us capture key outputs and actions and ensured there were outcomes that we were committed to. She was prompt and punctual even though she attended the day with a broken leg! I would be pleased to recommend Leigh.
Amanda Underwood
HR Director | Pizza Express

Rachael Beere

Working with Leigh has been absolutely game changing! Not only for my businesses but my life as a whole! 

I have run 2 businesses for over 5 years, so I wasn’t new to the world of business when I discovered Leigh, but I did feel that something was lacking. I wasn’t moving forward as much I knew I was capable of, I felt stuck. 

I was recommended to go and check Leigh out, and I took part in her 3 day challenge … and was hooked! I took so much value from those 3 days it was a complete no brainer to sign up to her Get Set For Success Programme. 

I have never really invested in business coaching up until now but I knew with Leighs guidance great things could happen and that’s exactly what did! 

Her programme and guidance makes you look at your business with new eyes. She teaches you how to become a leader and how to create a business that works in alignment with you, your values and your life -on your term. It was then I discovered what I was missing, it was like the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle! 

As a result of working with Leigh, I have never felt more in alignment with what I’m doing, I have been able to make changes in my businesses which mean I’m actually working less but my profits are going up and up!

I cannot thank Leigh enough for all her help, support and encouragement and I’m so excited to see where the next 12 months take me.

Rachael Beere
Social Media Consultant & Visibility Strategist

Tania Dee

Leigh delivers so much passion to every conversation that she is a part of. She is full of integrity and not afraid to tell it like it is. I have appreciated her warmth, honesty, and no-nonsense guidance.

She has helped me to set important foundational strategies to start my business and I will be forever grateful for how it has given me the confidence to set my new path for success.

Tania Dee

Michelle Eshkeri
“I worked with Leigh in her 1st cohort of Get Set for Success – Growth Academy group coaching programme. Leigh is passionate about her work and a huge advocate for all her clients. She works with energy and enthusiasm but she’s not afraid to be real and tell it like it is. If you need a good kick up the behind, Leigh will go find her boots. Leigh can help you untangle your myriad of business ideas and mould it into a viable business model. Her services include a hugely helpful library of business related trainings including everything from understanding your ideal client through to developing your sales funnel. Leigh is friendly, approachable and helps you get great results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her coaching programme for new business owners or more established ones looking to springboard to the next level. Thank you Leigh!”
Michelle Eshkeri
Copywriter – Let Me Write

Becky Wise

Before working with Leigh, business was good but I was falling into the trap of working too much and having less and less time with my family. The support has given me the confidence to make some big changes, even when it would have been safer to carry on doing things the way I was before.

We’ve just got back from our in person retreat at the most fabulous venue. Our time together really was the icing on cake, we’ve all come away with so much clarity and it’s great seeing the action my fellow master-minders are taking.

If a mastermind is on your to do list, I genuinely think this is the best experience you could wish for. Leigh goes above and beyond to create a sacred space and her experience, not to mention her network of some amazing contacts to help is a game changer! It’s been incredible and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat!”

Becky Wise
Digital Marketing & Funnel Strategist

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