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Coming Out

Shit this is a hard one.

You would have thought it a walk in the park after some of the other hurdles….


This is me. Not hiding anymore.

Me. Being visible and transparent AGAIN. Addressing the elephant in the room as that’s how I roll.

It came with the club I got signed up to that I didn’t ask to join; however I’m grateful to be one of the lucky ones and to have learnt a shit load of wisdom along the way.

I’ve always had long hair.

Now I don’t.

I cannot tell you how much f****ng sadness, trauma and anxiety I’ve been through to get to this point.

You really don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone.

So. Today, no more hiding. I’m terrified but this is me. Talk to me, ask me questions – just do it to my face is all I ask please.

Proving to anyone who is just joining this club and to my amazing boys who have seen their Mum go through this whole damn thing with unconditional love, that no matter how terrifying this journey can be, for many of us there is hope, you can get through the dark days and it really does grow back.😜❤️

Photo credit to my 6 year old son.

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