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Hell yeah. That got your attention didn’t it? Right now you are either wanting to know what is up with me today or you are tutting your head at me for having such a potty mouth and ready to press the block button.

See that’s the thing I’m learning. When we are talking to our audience, we have to grab the right peoples attention. It’s a noisy place out there right now, people fighting for attention everywhere you turn. So how do you stand out and who are you talking to?

I’m still figuring this out myself. Earlier this week I had a very honest conversation with the amazing Kimberley Banner about social media.

She did to me, what I do for others. She asked me lots of questions. Some I had the answers to, others I didn’t. When your heart is about serving others and making sure they have the tools they need to succeed, sometimes you don’t allocate the time to work on your own business, your message, your audience.

I can’t talk to everyone. Neither can you. For some, I am not right for them. My job is to ensure I know who I am talking to, know where they hang out, what problem I can help them to solve and get that message out to as many of those people as I can.

What I realised from the feedback I have received (thanks so much to all that gave me this by the way) is that my social media may conjure up an image of someone fluffy. Someone who helps you see things differently, who always sees the positives.

Let me clear. I do my best to do exactly that. I didn’t go through the shit bomb of last year and not learn a heap of stuff along the way. Perspective teaches you more than you’ll ever know unless you have yourself been through some form of adversity.

However. You speak to anyone that I’ve worked with. I’m pretty damn sure they will not describe me as fluffy. Optimist maybe. Looking for the good over the crap, mostly. Kind, most definitely.

However. Let me be clear.

I’m not a walk over. I will not agree with you if I don’t. I will speak my mind. I will, get to the root of what is stopping you achieving your potential. If I think you are in your own way, I’ll tell you. I will have your back 💯%. I will hook you up with whom I know can make your life/business/career a better place. I do not suffer fools. I know when you are taking advantage and you will not be in ‘I’ve got your back’ bank account. Cross me, I can promise you, you’ll wish you hadn’t.

So. Next time you see a positive quote, something I share that inspires you or makes you think differently. That delights me. I’m here on a mission to empower as many people as I can to realise their potential. If that sounds cliche, I’m unapologetic. You can be bloody awesome if you choose to be.

Remember though – if you are looking for fluffy, that I am not. My arm is around your shoulders, I’ve got the tissues out and I’ll be kind and i will listen and be there. However, once we are through the tears, we are getting to work in finding a solution to change what ever it is you need to work on. I’m your warrior. Together we can go far.👊🏻💓

Said all with love.

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