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——— Journal

What are your goals for 2017?

Onto my second ‘journal entry’.  Ok – I promise, I won’t keep counting how many of these I do (or maybe I should!).

In this entry – I would love us to talk goals and planning.  I will start as I like to, understanding, just what is a goal?  It gets branded about so much these days, but just what is a goal, and why do those in the personal development space (like me) in particular, say we need them?

The famous WIKIPEDIA defines a goal as a desired result or possible outcome that a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve: a personal or organisational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development.

Many people endeavour to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines.

So that is what it is. However, why bother?  You could argue that life is for living. Live each day as it comes and what will be, will be.  You could.


You could say.  Time is ticking.  Enjoy the moment for sure – but do you want to see what you are really capable of?  See just what life could really bring you if you really focused on something and went all out to put your mind to it?

Visualise something for me for a moment……..

Think of a football match.  What do you see?  I am guessing you see players on 2 different teams, kicking a round ball up and down on grass.  The players trying to win the ball from each other and ultimately place it into the goal.  That is the end destination that each team is fighting for.

Now imagine that same game without a goal post at either end. What would that do to the game?  I imagine, the same players would be kicking the ball about – but for what purpose?  What would the players be aiming for?  I would hazard a guess that after a while, boredom and complacency would set in and they would no longer be playing as well as they are capable.  After all, what is the point?

Now think of cars today.  New cars generally have a built in sat nav.  Or we can access maps through our smart phones or maybe use our ‘tom tom’.  Why do we have these?  We have them to help us find the destination we want to go to.  We programme in the postcode, in anticipation, it will provide us with a journey planner of the quickest, shortest way to get to this destination.  Some of these fancy gadgets will then identify any traffic issues en route or at the outset.  The destination will remain the same, we just may have to take a detour on the way or our journey might take longer than we first thought. More often than not though, we don’t give up.  We ride through the bumps, the obstacles and the challenges because ultimately we know exactly where it is we want to be.  Imagine getting in the car, with no end destination in mind.  You would probably drive around and around, wasting a great deal of fuel and time before driving back to where you started……..

I recently held a FB live over in my business page. I have received lots of positive feedback about the content I shared. So, I have attached it below for your reference in the hope it will help you or someone you know with setting their goals and plan for 2017 and beyond. In this, I cover goal setting and a technique I use and coach shared to me by the amazing Tony Robbins. I also talk planning; as having goals is useless without a robust journey planner of how we intend to get there. All of this with MASSIVE ACTION will help you smash those intentions for 2017.


Go be better.



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