——— Learning

Would you like to learn new skills?

My aim is to help business leaders like you develop both personally and professionally.

Some of you will prefer to gain new skills and knowledge via my online learning platforms.

The purpose of Your Space; a Learning & Resource Platform, is to provide training & support online so it is accessible to everyone via your phone, tablet or computer.

This is in its infancy right now, but you can see below or click here to go direct to the platform and see what is currently available. New courses and programmes are being created and uploaded, if you want to stay informed, simply click here to subscribe to my mailing list.

Your Space – Online Business School

Do you have gaps in your knowledge and skills, limited time and budget and would like to learn at your pace, in your own time and get access to monthly support to grow?

Your Space is an exclusive members only business lounge for the independent and small business owner; providing a private library of trainings and resources, a monthly group support call, Q&A opportunities and an online community of small businesses.

Enabling you to access new skills, resources, gain knowledge and advice for just £29 a month!

The Growth Academy

Do you have a clear path, focused direction and profound sense of purpose with a business model aligned you’re your purpose and products and services that feed your soul and pay you your worth?

Or do you feel a little lost at sea?

What if chasing your tail and drowning in to-do lists was a thing of the past for you?

The Growth Academy – Get Set for Success programme will springboard you out of overwhelm and into over-achievement.

This programme will administer a much needed dose of structure, strategy and focus into your business so you can achieve what matters to you – on YOUR terms.

The programme opens twice a year.

The CEO Revolution
The CEO Revolution is a free facebook group for independent and small business owners who want to grow their leadership skills and create a business model that works on their terms. It is full of free short trainings, tips and resources and gives access to a supportive, like-minded community of fellow CEOs.
————— 3 Steps To Improving Your Leadership Skills

This guide will take you through 3 Simple Steps to help you bring your best self to work; stepping up and into the leader you KNOW you’re meant to be.

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